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Too many businesses bear the hidden cost of NOT hiring a data engineering service, which is that every data scientist and analyst in the firm spends an inordinate share of their time wrangling and manually processing data. Our work will enable your analyst team stop pulling their hair out and get back to focusing on your business.

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Use Your Analysts Brain Cycles for Analysis – not Grinding Data

When you invest the time in architecting, engineering and automating your data flows and transformations, you will enable your analyst team to claw back a major portion of their work day.

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Advanced Analysis Requires Advanced Data Algorithms

Your primary data source will only enable you to see your business in a limited way. Sometimes you need to go beyond the incumbent data and create custom transformations, routines, calculations and even classification or predictive models, in order to see with clarity what the data is trying to tell you.

Leverage our Expertise and Industry Tools of Choice for Data Monetization and Insights.

We have expertise in the tools that deliver value for your business. We have proficiency in python coding, machine learning, and various ETL tools including SSIS, Jitterbit, and AWS Glue. We also have extensive experience in creating AWS cloud data stores and serverless data architecture.

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The Brands we work with

We have expertise in healthcare, life sciences, and financial services.

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